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Boost Your Business is the Microsoft program that helps SMB Partners in Western Europe grow. Benefit from high quality leads. Generated by a 12 month journey. Based on a proven method.

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Creating opportunities is crucial when it comes to growing any business.

As an entrepreneur you are busy running your business. But working in your company is not the same as driving the growth of your company. Making time for structural marketing and sales often fails. Boost your Business solves this problem by offering all aspects of marketing, resulting in a complete and successful campaign.

High Qualified leads

Generate qualified leads with a proven sales intelligence methodology

Boost your Business generates leads by using a proven digital marketing and sales method in a cost effective way. It offers a customized plan for each individual Microsoft partner. The generated leads are visible in the YourWoo platform.

"As an entrepreneur, you need to concentrate on daily duties. On managing your business. That is where Boost your Business comes into play."

— Jan Willem Barkmeijer, PMA TPM Engines at Microsoft

The most effective marketing journey. Fully executed.

For only € 899,- per month.

Subscribe to our 12 month full service marketing journey and grow your business easily & instantly.  Receive new opportunities every day. All for a fixed low amount per month.

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Growth plan

We have a proven & effective marketing method, that will help you to reach and expand your target audience, create opportunities and ultimately grow your business sustainably.


Our online team runs different campaigns on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This way you expand your reach within your target audience.


Our team of industry experts is highly skilled and well trained to create relevant content for your target audience. This way you'll always be top of mind of your audience.


Our lead platform YourWoo tracks data from sources such as e-mail, LinkedIn and Google, giving you a personalised dashboard with clear overviews, opportunities and leads.

The Power of Boost Your Business


On average, partners achieve 139% growth in website visits within 3 months


The partners in the program generate an average of 937 leads in 12 months.

Sales intelligence

Enriched leads by using valuable Microsoft data

Knowledge & expertise

Knowledge and expertise available for Microsoft partners

Growth reach

Reach grows by showing content to your target group outside your own network

SEO improves

Sharing fresh relevant content on your website will improve your SEO score

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