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Jan Willem Barkmeijer

Partner Marketing Advisor for SMB and
Go to Market Central Marketing Engines

‘If there is one thing that I have learned from talking to Microsoft Partners over the years, it is that even though they acknowledge the importance of digital marketing, they often do not have the time to get into it. That makes sense. As an entrepreneur, you need to concentrate on daily duties. On managing your business. That is where Boost your Business comes into play.

The Boost your Business programme has been developed to personally assist SMB Microsoft Partners – the breadth of the channel – in their marketing activities and fill the gap of an internal Marketing Manager and/or Department.

Boost your Business generates leads by using digital marketing and sales in an effective cost-efficient way. It provides a custom concept for each individual Microsoft Partner. No two businesses are the same, after all. The programme provides:

  • A personal Marketing Manager, who offers assistance and advice.
  • A personal Ghostwriter, who creates unique content for the target audience.
  • A personal Campaign Manager, who shares this content via email and social media campaigns.
  • A personal software platform called Window of Opportunity (YourWOO) providing live insights in the results, marketing reports and sales leads.

Since its successful launch in 2017, many Microsoft Partners have already joined the Boost your Business programme, and many more will follow as it is currently being introduced across Western Europe.

“Microsoft has always been a partner-led company and will always be a partner-led company,” says Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft.

That is why we present the opportunity for you to get on board. We do so by investing in your personal Boost your Business process. Are you interested? Check out the different Boost your Business options and sign up now, for a free introductory call!’

The Boost your Business programme helps Microsoft partners grow their businesses.

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