In our previous blog, we described how difficult it is for Microsoft partners to find tech-savvy employees. We explained how to lay a foundation for attracting talent. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to publish content – the gateway to finding skilled people who help you grow. Want to know how you can create and deploy content? Use our 5 practical tips!


1. Share your Why, How, and What

What makes you tick? How do you go about your job? And what are the results of your efforts? Communicate your Why, How, and What through content so as to attract talented people who truly fit your organization.

Content: website copy and blogs.

2. Provide a behind-the-scenes look

What’s it like to work at your company? Give a peek inside the goings-on in your organization. If you sketch a picture of the work floor and introduce talented people to potential future co-workers, they’ll know what to expect should they start working for you.

Content: employee blogs, a clear Careers page, short video interviews with future co-workers, and strong job descriptions.

3. Share your expertise

As a Microsoft partner, you need to distinguish yourself. Many partners offer similar services and products, which means it’s important for you to share what makes you unique. That’s why you should build thought leadership: make sure you’re considered as the go-to expert in your field. How? By building brand awareness and authority.

Content: articles or guest blog posts for external platforms (which the ideal candidate visits) as well as white papers.

4. Introduce your customers

Candidates want to know for whom they’ll ultimately work. Who are your customers? And what kind of projects do you complete for them? Post elaborate case studies on your website and link to relevant cases in job descriptions.

Content: case studies and job descriptions.

5. Clarify what you’ve got to offer

Last but not least: tell talent what it can expect from you. We’ve saved this tip for last because it applies to all content types. Do you offer stimulating, challenging work? A training budget? Great career opportunities? Share these things. Show talented people you’re willing to invest in their development. It’s a must if you want to attract and retain skilled employees!

Content: website copy, (employee) blogs, a Careers page, videos, job descriptions, and white papers.

Curious as to how you should write strong job descriptions and blogs for candidates? Read our next blog post!

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