These are trying times. ‘Locked’ inside, we collectively hop on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts to connect with each other. And it’s changed the way in which we conduct business meetings.

When we met up face to face, we would shake hands and get straight down to business. But now, we get a glimpse into each other’s living rooms and family lives. Pets saunter in and out of view, kids dance around in the background. That’s just a regular Monday. It propels us to ask about each other’s lives more often, and we tend to talk about substantial things before kicking off our meeting. So, now more than ever, you need to write about substantial things, too. Your content should revolve around your customer – not around you.

Your solution or your customer’s?

We’ll be the first to admit it: it’s tempting to refer to your product or service in every blog post you write. Because hey, it sprang from your brilliant mind, and your customers have been over the moon since they’ve started using it. On top of that, you’ve wrapped it up in a nice packaging – by calling your product or service a ‘solution,’ you’re speaking your target audience’s language. Right? Wrong. See, your target audience needs you to take it up a notch and truly empathize. You should write about their solution, not yours.

If, for example, your target audience consists of healthcare institutions, don’t keep referring to a solution called ‘Analyze infrastructure now.’ Your blog post won’t appeal to them, because it won’t be about their problem. It will be about you.

True – it’s difficult to recognize the differences. How to make sure your content hits the mark?

On the right track? 4 questions!

Whenever you sit down to write a blog post, make sure to ask yourself these 4 questions. If your answer to each is “No,” you’re on the right track!

  1. Am I using jargon for no reason other than to impress my reader?
  2. Are my arguments of the “because we say so” kind?
  3. Do I really need intricate slides, decks, and graphics to tell my story?
  4. Is this blog post’s main purpose to sell my solution?

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