Microsoft provides lots of opportunities to its Partners. But it’s not always easy for them to seize these. The variety of options makes it difficult to see the forest for the trees. Alternatively, you might be interested in an option that’s only available to major Partners. Or you’re completely unaware of the existence of said opportunities. Because as much as Microsoft wants to inform all Partners of all options, it’s infeasible in practice. In this blog, we’d like to highlight one of Microsoft’s most recent developments: real-time insight into potential customers.

From analysis to forecast: smart algorithms

Microsoft has a huge heap of data to analyze. In the past few years, this gave rise to an interesting question: ‘How can this data be used in such a way that Partners can also benefit from it?’ The answer came in the form of a special database. Here’s how it works. A variety of algorithms analyze companies’ behavior and actions to draw conclusions from them. The system reviews the steps a company takes, based on which it makes forecasts. For example, it indicates to what extent the company intends to buy a certain product at a particular time. In doing so, it doesn’t identify individuals – this is not personally identifiable, but company-specific information.

Partners benefit because they have the opportunity to gain detailed, real-time insights into companies that are potential customers before they even speak to them.

How can you get access to this opportunity?

Well, not just like that. Microsoft wants to distribute this information to Partners in a proper, reliable way. A major party that has a relationship manager at Microsoft may get direct access to this data. But for most Partners, it’s more complex. How can you go about it?

As a trusted agency, Boost your Business joined forces with Microsoft to create a solution. We’ve linked our software to Microsoft’s database, which means we can provide insight into the data involved in a controlled manner. For example, our software reviews who visits your website and links this information to Microsoft’s database. If the company of a website visitor is included in the database, we’ll create a link to sales intelligence. You will immediately receive a notification, so you can get to work with new insights!

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