In our previous blog post , we explained why content is the gateway to finding skilled people who help you, a Microsoft partner, grow. Two content types – employee blog posts and job descriptions – were mentioned several times, so we’d like to discuss them in detail. Which elements should they contain to attract talent to your company like bees to honey? In this blog post, we’ll have a closer look at the employee blog post.

The employee blog post: the right behind-the-scenes look

“An employee blog post sounds great,” companies often say. “We’ll have an employee explain our organization’s goings-on.” Correct? Well, not if you want your blog post to attract skilled candidates. At this stage, they’re not interested in a verbatim record of the average working day. A job description might offer room for it, but a blog post doesn’t.

You should realize that the candidate reading this blog post is likely still looking around. Right now, they want to get an impression of what you’ve got to offer. Daily job tasks are less interesting at this point. Because let’s be honest: at many IT companies, job profiles tend to be similar. The employer makes the difference. An employee blog post is your opportunity to show candidates who you are, so you’ll distinguish yourself from other Microsoft partners that offer similar jobs.

Honesty is the best policy: practical tips

If you want to show candidates who you are, publish a blog post in which a happy employee shares what it’s truly like to work at your company. Make sure it’s not a promotional piece. The average candidate will easily see through it. Your employee should explain what people should and shouldn’t expect from your organization. This will help you attract the right talent rather than people who aren’t a good fit for your company anyway. And that’s what you want.

You can, for example, ask your employee to share:

• Their professional background

• The way in which your company contributes to their development

• The way in which the team collaborates, including important values within that context

• Which qualities people really should possess if they want to work at your company

• What your company stands for and what goals the team aims to achieve

Don’t forget to include a link to a relevant vacancy at the bottom of your blog post. You might encourage interested candidates to move to the next stage in the candidate journey! Do you want to know how to write a job description that will appeal to skilled people? We’ll explain it in our next blog post.

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