Now more than ever, you need to build genuine relationships with your audience. People feel an unprecedented need to connect with each other. Since everyone is staying inside and remote working is the new norm, online communication in any form is key in this regard. But how do you connect to your audience? Well, you should familiarize yourself with their needs and speak their language. Use these 2 tips to reach your audience through online communication!

1. Read what they read

These days, information is everywhere. Trade journals, forums, platforms, magazines, newspapers, blogs: those who look for information can choose from a myriad of sources. The trick is to find out what your audience considers to be reliable sources. If you read the stuff they read, you’ll get a good sense of the language they feel comfortable with. So ask around. Talk to existing and potential customers and ask your sales department for advice. Then, have a close look at the sources your buyer persona draws their information from. Immerse yourself in the language, so you’ll know how to communicate with your blog readers.

2. Get to know them

Who’s your ideal customer? Identify 10 people you would absolutely love to sell your product or services to. Don’t be afraid to get a little ambitious. It’s not like you’re going to send any direct sales pitches to these people. Right now, you’re only researching them. How? By looking at their LinkedIn profiles. What types of posts and articles do they publish? What blog posts and videos do they like and respond to? What LinkedIn groups are they a member of? What’s important is that you get to know the people you really want to work with. This will allow you to tailor your blog posts to their interests and needs. Remember, if you speak their language, you will spark their interest and start building long-term relationships!

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