Your collaboration with Microsoft offers you, a Microsoft partner, a wealth of opportunities that can help your business grow. But seizing these opportunities is no cinch – Microsoft’s partner network is huge, and the range of available tools isn’t much smaller. Often, this makes it difficult to see the forest for the trees. Fortunately, participating in Microsoft’s partner programs can make it easier.

How to get the most from your collaboration with Microsoft

One such partner program is Boost your Business, which supports Microsoft partners in growing their business. Participants in the program are part of a network of ambitious companies that work on realizing their growth ambitions every single day. So, what are the benefits?

Of course, Microsoft would want to reach all companies in the partner network. But when they participate in well-known partner programs, it’s a lot easier to communicate and collaborate. We’ve noticed this at Boost your Business, too. Partners that join us don’t all get their own account manager at Microsoft right away, but we’ve observed it’s less difficult to make the connection when Microsoft is looking for partners to collaborate with on a new initiative.

For example, it may happen that Microsoft wants to let investments flow into the community through Boost your Business. The goal: to boost the Microsoft partner’s business directly. This can be achieved through co-marketing in online campaigns, databases that partners can use, or Microsoft events to which partners can invite their customers. Where possible, we provide these initiatives in the Boost your Business program, which makes it easier for partners in our network to seize opportunities in their collaboration with Microsoft.

This is how Microsoft, partners, and Boost your Business collaborate to support the growth of all parties involved.

Ready to join forces?

Do you want to be part of the Boost your Business program and a special group of partners? And would you like to join forces? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss your opportunities for growth.