In the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how Microsoft partners can recruit technically skilled employees. We gave you 5 content tips and explained how to write top-notch employee blog posts. In the last blog post of this series, we highlight what might be the most important content type in the entire candidate journey: the job description. For how do you get those sought-after tech-savvy talents to hit your ‘Apply’ button?

1. Make sure you know your candidate through and through

A data architect is no Azure developer. Likewise, an Office 365 consultant and a business development manager might experience the world in entirely different ways. Therefore, you should conduct some preliminary research. You could, for example, talk to your current team or have a look at LinkedIn groups that people in your target audience belong to. If you pay attention to things like age, experience, and educational background, it will be easier to choose the words, style, and tone that will appeal to your candidate.

2. Tone down the jargon

Many Microsoft partners are tempted to pepper a job description with technical jargon. Because isn’t that the ultimate way to impress a candidate? Well, not really. Of course, you should use clear language to explain what the candidate can expect from the job. And you’ll definitely need some technical terms to do so. No problem. But technical jargon is not an excuse to write like a robot. If you want the right people to hit your ‘Apply’ button, be sure to use accessible language and to speak human.

3. Sketch a complete picture of the job

Don’t just list responsibilities and job requirements. Take the time to explain what the candidate can expect from you. Do you offer opportunities for development and promotion? Good fringe benefits? Room for initiative? Make sure you clearly communicate these things. You should also describe your company culture. Who will be the perfect match for your organization? And who won’t feel at home? Don’t hesitate to answer both questions. It will help you attract people who are an excellent fit for your company.

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