So you’re a Microsoft partner? Fantastic! You’ve made an excellent choice by doing so.

But did you know that in addition to best-in-class productivity, mobility, and security solutions; user-friendly, combined with scalable software products, services, and support; you can also claim co-op funds to invest in specific training, sales, and marketing programmes?

Microsoft Co-op Investments

Known as Microsoft co-op investments, these financial incentives are awarded to qualifying Microsoft partners as a way of helping them grow their businesses.

As it’s expected that a large group of partners will be given funds to aid post-COVID 19 recovery – now’s a great time to start claiming yours and putting them to good use.

But how?

Make Your Claim While there’s some guidance out there on ways to make your co-op claim, there’s little in the way of explaining what you can get from these programmes.

For example, you could ramp up your content marketing efforts – with two or three short blogs every month, created, edited, and distributed by seasoned copywriting and email marketing specialists.

Alternatively, you could focus attention on lead generation using social media marketing and paid advertising – working with SEM professionals to ensure that your core marketing messages are seen by the right prospects at the right time.

Another option could be to do a deep dive into your ideal customer – scoping out their profile by exploring key questions related to their specific challenges; and how the products and services your business offers can solve their pain points.

Check Out BYB! Or… you could all of these through a single co-op qualifying programme – like our own Boost Your Business (BYB) programme!

If you’re a Microsoft partner, based in Western Europe, looking to generate high quality sales leads via proven digital marketing methods, then seriously consider talking to us.

We’ve been aligned with Microsoft since we started back in 2017 so we’re confident in helping clients by offering advice on the best ways to use their co-op funds.

Ultimately, if you’re entitled to co-op funds – however you choose to use them – it definitely makes sense to use them. Given that we’re now at the start of Microsoft’s fiscal year, it’s the ideal time to look at how you can accelerate your business for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Want to find out more about BYB or co-op incentive funds? Book a free strategy session with us!