New office, new beginnings

When our very own Kasper arrived at Spanish agency Kapturall to assist with the onboarding process, he was faced with a two-fold surprise: Kapturall had moved into its brand-new office that morning, and everyone had decided to skip siesta. So much for that much-coveted power nap Kasper had been looking forward to on the plane!

But skipping an afternoon doze turned out to be a good thing. Besides being entertained and enjoying tapas in his spare time, Kasper witnessed firsthand how Kapturall’s hard onboarding work paid off – not in the least because the agency was so involved right from the start. “It’s a completely new business unit for Kapturall, which is challenging for every company,” Juan Luis Ramos, head of the BYB program, explains. “So you can’t just keep working as usual. You need to have a critical look at internal proceses – from contracts to invoicing – and redefine where necessary to ensure success.”

From brainstorming session to onboarding

After an extremely productive brainstorming session, the whiteboard was chock-full of notes on topics such as customer journey. Before long, it was onboarding time. Kasper got lost in translation during the second onboarding process, which was completed in Spanish. But the results were impressive. “By now, we’ve signed an agreement with four Partners, two of whom will be up and running in a few weeks,” says Juan. “Overall, the implementation has been fast and easy. You’re dealing with a completely Standardized process and a very intuitive platform called Window Of Opportunity.”

On to the future!

Of course, Kapturall has also faced the necessary challenges. “Some Partners instantly see the benefits of the program,” Juan explains. “But most of them believe marketing is a waste of time and money. It’s important to show them this type of investment is required to reach their target audience, so they can ultimately sell their solutions and services to new customers.” Moreover, some Partners put off the implementation plan: “We experienced issues regarding the technical setup. Fortunately, these have been solved now, and we’ve released fresh content for our first two pioneering Partners.”

The best thing is, Kapturall has only just begun. The Spanish agency was the first to host its own masterclass, and with its high degree of commitment, we’ll go ahead and say it’s headed towards a bright BYB future!

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