So, in previous blogs (+ emails + social media post + etc) you’ve probably seen us refer to a new product we launched a few months back – our OPAs (Online Presence Assessment).

These extensive reports provide our customers – Microsoft Partners – with a in-depth ‘to-do’ list detailing ways they can incrementally improve how they present their business online.

After all, a website is essentially an online shop window – albeit one that enables tech-driven specialists to demonstrate their products and services in our customers’ case.

The biggest problem, when you’re selling a complex array of tech, is concisely communicating what it offers the customer.

And that’s why a company’s proposition is covered in each OPA.

Communication Clarity

Admittedly, there are a lot of BS terms in marketing. There are also a lot of easily misunderstood phrases too. But a company’s proposition is a core asset to get right.

So – let’s not be coy – what does ‘proposition’ mean in this context? Well, it’s essentially the value your business offers its customers – the promise you aim to always make good on.

For example, take Uber’s ‘The Smartest Way To Get Around’ or Slack’s ‘Be More Productive At Work, With Less Effort’. A good proposition isn’t a snazzy tagline or soundbite; it’s what you do best. It’s your business’ focus, crystallised.

So how do we detect if a company’s website does enough to communicate its proposition?

Well, we take the Partner in question’s unique selling points (USPs) and analyse the text and images on their company websites and social media channels. All of this gives us a complete picture of what each business’ proposition is and how clearly it’s communicated.

Looking at our stats so far, we’re seeing that business propositions are communicated most consistently on websites in Italy, Ireland, and Sweden – while Partner sites in Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal have the most difficulty communicating their propositions.

However, the good thing is that there’s always room for improvement. Articulating a proposition might look simple, but it often involves a rigorous process of refinement to get such a conclusive definition.

But knowing how well all of that’s coming across in the way your site’s presented in an important first step.

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