The current technology landscape is changing so fast that Microsoft partners can barely keep up. Without smart, technically skilled employees, it’s difficult for them to survive – especially in the long run. After all, technology is constantly evolving. If you want your company to grow, you should develop rapidly, too.

But talent doesn’t grow on trees. Many Microsoft partners rack their brains over attracting, hiring, and retaining well-versed employees. Where do you find people who possess the right technical skills? And how can you get them excited about your organization?

What’s the root of the problem?

If you develop talent in the right way, you’ll lay a solid foundation for the digital transformation. But it’s easier said than done. The problem starts as soon as you set out to recruit talent. A Microsoft partner study shows that 69% of respondents contended with a lack of qualified candidates. Furthermore, 70% considered attracting new talent as a major challenge.

Recognize this? Take a closer look at your own organization. Sure, it might be a little painful a first. But it’s an indispensable step – as Microsoft states in its blog, the issue can often be traced back to partners as well. Common problems include an inability to attract talent and offer a competitive salary, insufficient investment in skills development, and ineffective training programs. Especially the latter two are major issues, as new technical job titles (such as ‘solutions architect’ and ‘cloud administrator’) spring up like mushrooms.

Looking for talent: where to start

If you want to attract talent, you should have something to offer. So, invest in the development of important skills. You need to realize that talent is scarce. Why would someone opt for your company if it doesn’t offer them any opportunities for growth or if the job isn’t challenging enough?

Briefly put, make sure you’re an employer that appeals to people. Once you are, it’s time to look for your ideal employee. How? Microsoft recommends that you adopt a targeted strategy: look beyond the degree, partner up to share talent, and prepare for the future.

Boost your Business with Microsoft would like to enrich this strategy by providing some specific content tips. After all, powerful content is the gateway to finding skilled, talented people who help you grow. Curious as to how you can create and deploy it? In our next blog, we’ll give you 5 practical tips!

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