Effective lead generation is the synthesis of superb sales and marvellous marketing. And these days, most of the action takes place online, so it makes sense for you, as a Microsoft Partner, to focus the vast majority of your time and money there, right?

However, your online presence is much more than your website – it’s everything leading to it and from it. Think of it as a conduit between your prospects and your sales team.

To generate more leads online, you need to engage the attention of those looking for what you offer, bring them to your site, and stimulate their interest enough that they want to get in touch with you.

However, so many companies are missing a trick by neglecting the basics. Here are the top 5 lead generation tips Microsoft Partners need to get right:

  1. Basic Contact Details – Plain and simple, you need to make sure it’s clear how prospective customers can get in touch with you. Otherwise those that are directly interested have no easy way of doing so.
  2. New Contact Options – Straightforward ways of instigating contact, like “Plan a meeting” or “Call me back” buttons – or even a chat function – are great ways of engaging potential customers interested in learning more. However, only 25% of Microsoft Partners have these options on their sites.
  3. Further Engagement Options – So many Microsoft Partners don’t have any further engagement options visible on their websites. By this we mean content such as whitepapers, case studies, video demos etc. These are especially relevant for prospects that are not ready to buy, who need more reassurance and information.
  4. Calls To Action (CTAs) – These are often ‘hidden’; squirrelled away in an obscure corner of a company website (or worse, non-existent) when they should front and centre on the pages that generate the most traffic.
  5. Webinars – These live, interactive, captive audience-focused online broadcasts are offered by less than 30% of Microsoft Partners. With more and more prospective customers working from home and not travelling to events, this is a missed opportunity.

A good website is a delicately-balanced ecosystem of information, engagement, and encouragement. So while a website is a lead gen essential, unless you know what needs to be done to optimise it, how can you go about fixing it?

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