Want to write interesting content for your target audience? It’s easier said than done, especially if you want to do so on a consistent basis. Yet it’s a problem you shouldn’t avoid. Because if you regularly share content with (potential) customers, you’ll become top of mind. If, at some point, they need your product or service, they’ll instantly think of you. That’s important if you want to stand out in a dense forest populated with Microsoft partners.

Topics don’t exist, but challenges do

Are you racking your brains over good blog topics? That’s the wrong approach! Topic-based writing won’t do the trick. Challenge-based writing will. Try to figure out the problem your target audience struggles with. Are you an expert at setting up the modern workplace, and have you found that it’s difficult for (potential) customers to collaborate in efficient ways? Instead of promoting your services, set readers in the right direction by providing practical tips. This way, you’ll build trust and authority.

Your challenge: to formulate a good challenge

How do you find the bottleneck you should write about? Start by asking the following questions:

• What keeps your buyer persona up at night?

• What stops him from achieving his goals?

• Why is it difficult for him to achieve the desired results?

• Which obstacles and challenges does he encounter?

How to find the right blog topics

Once you’ve answered the above questions, formulate the challenge your target audience struggles with. It will often result in numerous blog topics!

Keep in mind that a well-defined challenge:

Is written from the buyer persona’s perspective. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes – it’s about them, not you. You should sketch a problem that’s incredibly relevant to them.

Never presents your product or service as the solution. A blog post is not a sales pitch. It’s a means you can use to build trust with your reader.

Offers room for more than one answer. A variety of people read your blog post, and every individual is in a different situation. That means it’s impossible to present a single solution to the problem. Be objective and discuss every potential answer!

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