Our friends at Gammelbys

Mette Gammelby is the founder and CEO of Gammelbys in Aarhus, Denmark. In its eighteenth year, the agency consists of a sixteen-strong team, and it’s far from done growing. Today, Mette shares her experience so far with Boost your Business and gives us a behind-the-scenes-look of a prospering agency that closes its doors at 4 pm every day.

“We’ve hit some roadblocks, but we never wanted to give up”

“In my experience, all Microsoft Partners know the term ‘marketing’ and understand that it could do something for them, but al lot of them have no idea how to go about it,” Mette says. Having followed this market for twenty years, she perceives a growing urge under Partners to take responsibility for marketing. “The great thing about Boost your Business is that we can track what works and what doesn’t, which allows us to share figures and elaborate on successes.”

Gammelbys has been working with Boost your Business for six months now, and it’s been a largely positive experience. “Everyone at Boost your Business is open, transparent, and service-minded,” says Mette. “Of course, we’ve hit some roadblocks – with regard to the platform or English-to-Danish translations, for example. But we never wanted to give up. The way in which Boost your Business works is so similar to ours – the attitude, the sense of humor, the reliability. It’s a perfect fit.”

“We’re not in this world to stress out”

A large part of Gammelbys’ clients are Microsoft Partners. Their tech talk is counterbalanced by the agency’s helpful, patient, largely female team. Mette explains, “My predilection for technology has resulted in our focus on IT, and it works like a dream. My husband once told me, ‘You’re like the girl in school who used to help me with my homework!’ It goes to show that we add value to our clients’ businesses: We help them with marketing and Specialize in their field.”

Gammelbys’ approach has borne fruit: Last year, the agency made half a million after taxes, a massive return for a company of its size. Yet Mette refuses to conform to regular business hours: “Lots of companies in Denmark have a great work/life balance, but I wanted to take it up a notch – I believe we’re not in this world to stress out. So we only work from 8 am to 4 pm. The thing is, we Maximize our time in the office, measuring KPI’s and working with forecasts. At the same time, we continue to hold our values high: Our job should be fun, and we should always have the time to stop and think.” Mette’s strategy has paid off: “We expect a thirty-percent growth again this year, so yes – I stand up proudly with my team!”

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