After just 3 months into Microsoft’s Boost Your Business program, the Danish IT company ComputerCamp has gained increased awareness online among their clients.

Boost Your Business Premium is an awareness program tailored for companies wanting to boost their presence and awareness online. Results are accomplished through 2 monthly blog posts, all addressing themes and subjects pivotal to the company business plan.

Phone calls and inquiries have increased considerably
For the last couple of years, ComputerCamp had considered engaging in digital marketing. They had tried to get their social media platform going but did not gain any significant results from their effort.

But after just 3 months with Microsoft’s Boost Your Business program, ComputerCamp has seen substantial progress in their online awareness, according to CEO of ComputerCamp, Mads Klavstrup Mathiasen:

“We have seen a big difference online after starting out with Boost Your Business. People now know who we are, and we receive a whole lot more phone calls and inquiries through our website from people who want to know more about our products. Even when we move outside our local area, people know who we are. We can also see a lot more engagement and dialogue about our business, when we publish blog posts or updates on LinkedIn.”

Professional writers lift complex know-how
The Danish content agency, Gammelbys, writes all content for the Boost Your Business program in Denmark and according to Mads Klavstrup Mathiasen, they have the exact right combination of great communication skills and professional insight:

“The team at Gammelbys has helped us write all our blog posts – a task we haven’t been able to carry out ourselves. The team has managed to revitalize the tone of voice in our blog posts and has easily succeeded in translating our complex, technical know-how into compelling and interesting content. Our online tone of voice has changed for the much better since Gammelbys took over. We have complete faith in the team at Gammelbys, and we trust their skills and expertise.”, says Mads Klavstrup Mathiasen.

Boost Your Business keeps us present online 24/7
At ComputerCamp, there is no doubt about the positive effects of Boost Your Business:

“With Boost Your Business, we now know that our marketing efforts are in good hands and managed by a team of professionals, who make sure our online presence is up and running 24/7 which is increasingly important for our business.”, Mads Klavstrup Mathiasen concludes.

-Mads Klavstrup Mathiasen, CEO of ComputerCamp