„A great asset for Microsoft partners to keep up with digitization“

JETI@net IT-Solutions was one of the first Austrian Microsoft partners taking a seat aboard the Boost Your Business program. The company from Upper Austria specializes in IT services for SMBs and also focuses on Modern Workplace solutions.

As a business with four employees JETI@net impressively demonstrates how smaller Microsoft partners can profit from Boost Your Business. „Like most smaller IT companies we have a strong focus on the technical side of things. As a result we neither have the time nor the personnel resources and little experience in marketing,“ Klaus Jeitler-Stehr, founder and owner of JETI tells us.

„An important step towards attracting potential clients“

A perfect case for BYB: „Therefore BYB is an important step for us towards creating awareness and attracting potential clients, with the help of Microsoft and the local agency holzhuber impaction.“

For Jeitler-Stehr the benefit of the program is not limited to just smaller Microsoft partners: „I believe due to the backing from Microsoft it is a great asset for partners to keep up with the future challenges of digitization.“

Challenge: Communicating regularly

Going into the digital marketing realm can pose a great challenge to many partners, the JETI manager admits. Communicating to potential clients on a regular basis and creating captivating content is one of the most common barriers: „Delivering steady input on topics and campaigns always puts us under a bit of time pressure.“

The necessity is nonetheless obvious to Jeitler-Stehr: „Without the pressure we wouldn’t be able to produce constant results.“ Good thing the structure and workflows are clearly defined in the Boost Your Business program and tailored to the needs of Microsoft partners: „Working with the local agency has been uncomplicated and a real pleasure.“

„A clear advantage in our positioning on the market“

What’s the conclusion the Austrian BYB pioneer draws? „To move out of the own comfort zone and shift perspectives, the external support through an agency is a clear advantage in our positioning on the market.“

-Klaus Jeitler-Stehr, founder and owner JETI