You want better visibility for your company, among your existing as well as your potential customers. This requires a well thought-out marketing plan, and a well-executed marketing campaign. That sounds logical enough, but what if your company does not have a full-fledged marketing department? Does that mean that you should give up on your marketing campaign?

‘On the contrary’, says Owe Loonstra, Sales and Marketing Manager at Verito Informatisering. This is a company of 12 employees, situated at the very heart of the community. For twenty years, they have been offering software solutions for two specific target groups: charitable organisations and organisations that offer training and education programmes. ‘The entire marketing and sales department of Verito, that’s me’, Loonstra remarks soberly. But how does Verito ensure that it maintains constant visibility amongst new customers?

Ensuring better visibility in your target group
‘Our audience is not particularly interested in the finer, more technical aspects of our products and services. We offer very concrete software solutions for the practical problems that our customers face. Their whole focus is on the solution. So if I start using IT jargon, that would not get me anywhere, they would quickly lose interest,’ says Loonstra. ‘Practical solutions, however, will keep them interested.’

‘For example, we are currently working on a project for the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds. A fantastic project that gives us the opportunity to do what we do best, across the board. Apart from delivering software and supporting their payroll and financial administration, our software is also used for the cash registers in their retail outlets, for example. So when someone buys a pair of binoculars, the reduction in stock is automatically updated in the stock management system. Additionally, the customer data from that transaction are also registered in the system used for fundraising. After all, it is reasonable to assume that a nature lover who spends €500 on a pair of binoculars might also be interested in becoming a donor’.

Increasing our recognition in the market
‘We have an excellent portfolio of existing customers. However, we do notice that our target group is less aware of our existence than we would actually like. The moment we start talking to organisations, we typically do very well. At that point, we get the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and experience. But there is still a large number of organisations that is simply unaware of our existence. Or if they are aware of us, they don’t know exactly what we do. As a result, they would not consider us when they need certain software solutions.’

‘That is why we wanted to improve the structure of our marketing messages. To this end, we were looking for a party that could provide us with the extra help that we needed, a party to assist in the practical implementation of these grand ideas. Our goal: to ultimately create awareness amongst our target group and to constantly be on their radar. We need such support because Verito does not actually have a marketing department. To a large extent, I am solely responsible for both sales and marketing activities.’

‘In practice, this means that our marketing activities have often been neglected, historically. Our sales often proceed on an ad hoc basis. When we get a call from a customer who needs our help, I’ll be in the car in five minutes. Until recently, however, that meant that writing a blog or sharing an article on LinkedIn would be postponed indefinitely.’

‘We came into contact with Boost Your Business through Microsoft’s partner network. Thanks to their ‘radar marketing’, we are now assured of increased awareness in the market. They supply us with two relevant blogs per month, distributed as a mailing within our network and published on our website. This way, we remain top-of-mind amongst the target group, so they will think of us when they have any software-related needs. Boost Your Business helps us to choose relevant topics and to write the required blogs. In addition, they facilitate the sending of the mailing and the monitoring of the response. With Boost Your Business, we have also procured extra marketing brainpower. I can tell that they are a good sparring partner for me. Our marketing manager helps us analyse where we stand, where we want to go, and on whom we want to focus. This information is then used to determine the path to achieve our targets. Or, of course, to implement course corrections when necessary.’

Increasing visibility amongst new customers
‘We have been working together for three months now and we notice that our frequent blog posts and newsletters have led to an increase in the number of visitors to our website. An increase of 30 percent, no less! A good example: we received a phone call from a charity organisation within two hours of sending out a newsletter. This organisation would make a perfect customer for us and they had just started looking for replacement software. They were alerted to one of our newsletters by a colleague, and the contents of that newsletter clearly touched on their requirements. The newsletter achieved exactly what we wanted: to increase our visibility amongst new customers.’

-Owe Loonstra, Sales and Marketing manager at Verito Automatisering