Get notified when valuable leads visit your website

Matching leads with Microsoft sales intelligence

If you have your marketing machine in place, but you want to know what companies visit your website and combine that with Microsoft Intelligence about certain leads, the Boost your Business Lead Pack is the offer for you. The Cloud Ascent Program of Microsoft consists of a database of companies of which Microsoft sales intelligence knows their need and purchasing phase of a specific solution.

How does it work?

When a company visits your website, our platform YourWoo identifies that specific company. If this company is also in the Microsoft’s Cloud Ascent Program, we will inform you about this match. You will receive a push notification through email, telling you there is a ‘hot’ prospect on your website. We provide you company information, product need and purchasing phase. You only have to follow up on the prospect.

Offer:Euro 249,- per month

Three months subscription

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