From analysis to forecast

Valuable leads by using Microsoft data and smart algorithms

How can the huge heap of data Microsoft analyzes be used in such a way partners can benefit from it? Here’s how it works. A variety of algorithms analyze companies’ behavior and actions to draw conclusions from them. The system reviews the steps a company takes, based on which it makes forecasts. For example, it indicates to what extent the company intends to buy a certain product at a particular time. In doing so, it doesn’t identify individuals, but company-specific information.

Want to get access?

Microsoft and Boost your Business joined forces to create a solution. We’ve linked our software to Microsoft’s database, which means we can provide insight into the data involved in a controlled manner.

Software and data

Our software reviews who visits your website and links this information to Microsoft’s database. If the company of a website visitor is included in the database, we’ll create a link to sales intelligence. You will immediately receive a notification, so you can get to work with new insights!