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Value proposition

A value proposition is the basis of a successful marketing and sales strategy and can be the difference between losing a sale - and closing it.


Do you want your website to convert visitors into leads? Then it should not be a static calling card, but a dynamic, ever-changing lead generator.


Companies that share knowledge via blogs, with tips and advice to their target group are more credible.


In addition to being an excellent lead generator, a white paper can also add value with regard to knowledge, experience and authority.


Since most of the buyer's journey takes place online, it is smart to publish stories from your satisfied customers. Customer reviews are word of mouth. That is why reviews are a powerful sales tool.


Video contributes to conversion. Companies that use video marketing generate 49% more sales and 22% of people who watch a video ad visit the website. Companies that use video increase the chance of achieving their sales goals by 73%.

LinkedIn advertising

If you are considering social media advertising, LinkedIn is a smart channel in business to business. You can focus on specific factors such as company, industry, position and seniority.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is a good platform to advertise when you want to appeal and select to your target group on behavior and interest.

Google advertising

Get the attention of your audience at the right time? Search ads place your company higher in the results of search engines.


A great tool for re-accessing potential customers who have already visited your website. You have already invested in attracting (unique) visitors, so why not stay on their radar any longer?

Landing page

A landing page is created with one specific goal in mind, to encourage your target audience to take action. A landing page is meant for conversion and lead generation.


Listening to podcasts is done in a different setting than for example reading blogs. This popular medium offers new possibilities to convey your message.

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